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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome BACK to my channel!! Today I'm revealing a brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipstick formula called VELVET TRAP!!! It's time for my well loved Lip Ammunition to retire and say goodbye! Her replacement? A stunning new formula that's richly pigmented, one swipe coverage, buttery soft and giving a luxurious opaque color. It hugs the lips in a lightweight, velvet, pure matte finish with unreal dimension. The component has also been revamped!!! I also announce this year's HALLOWEEN Mystery Boxes!!!!!! They are FINALLY back! EVERYTHING LAUNCHES ON OCT. 16TH @ 10AM PST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the entire video for swatches, packaging and the FULL tea!
ALL 20 SHADES.....
Celebrity Skin
Unicorn Blood
Nudist Colony
Diet Mannequin
The Perfect Red
Chocolate Fondue
Naked Body
Funeral Parlour
Pure Hell
Medieval Kiss
Watermelon Soda
Fire Starter
Hot Commodity
Malibu Beach House
Honey, Suck Me
So Jaded
Drill Sergeant
👻 Mini Mystery Box - $25
Premium Mystery Box - $60
Deluxe Mystery Box - $100
WANT MORE? ❤️ WATCH THE BLOOD SUGAR PALETTE REVEAL: sltv.info/label/r66Jp8mlmoWhp6Y/video
WATCH THE BLUE BLOOD PALETTE REVEAL: sltv.info/label/hqui3o6YfayPi6Y/video
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13. okt. 2020

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Jay Paul Graffen
Jay Paul Graffen Pred 25 minutami
your gay jeffree star
Shaniel Calderon
Shaniel Calderon Pred 34 minutami
No one likes you Jeffrey
Suzy Perez
Suzy Perez Pred 46 minutami
Hola jeffree mi nombre es azucena Herrera , ya llevo bastante tiempo mirando tus vídeos y me agradan bastante , vivo en una localidad llamada leona vicario y es un pueblo muy pequeño pero con gente amigable , espero poder algún día conocerte y charlar un rato , esperaré con ansias tú respuesta , cuídate 💙
Rhafael Silva
Rhafael Silva Pred 49 minutami
wow i luved the make up on man
S Ham
S Ham Pred 2 urami
That was baddddd right there baby
Its Cloudy M o c h i
uh... i know im like a week late but i just found out that me and jeffree are like 7 or 8 days appart my b day is on 7 nov
A little too far😵still beautiful😍
Leena El-Abed
Leena El-Abed Pred 5 urami
He’s so crazy and extra like what the heck he is sitting in a freaking bear trap 😹
Marsosang Imsong
Marsosang Imsong Pred 6 urami
I just adore him. He is just iconic. Forever your fan 😘
Ian Granado
Ian Granado Pred 6 urami
Hey I'm one of your super fan here in the Philippines I love you hope I can have one of your lippie I love you so much 😘😘😘😘 keep safe always more power
Yaquelin González
Yaquelin González Pred 7 urami
Los labiales están hermosos 😍
Maria Palaghia
Maria Palaghia Pred 7 urami
That's what being brain washed mea. Already forgotten about his miserable behaviour
Adianez Torres
Adianez Torres Pred 7 urami
Ryanne Mattea
Ryanne Mattea Pred 8 urami
✨no masks?✨no thank you✨
Hollis Jay
Hollis Jay Pred 8 urami
Grill Sargent and that pure red....:)......All mine!!!! Thank you!!!!
Сэм Глэм
Сэм Глэм Pred 8 urami
I really love the mystery box - it’s so cool! Thank you Jeffree 😘❤️ I’ve also filmed a video opening it and seeing what’s inside 😳
halehydra Pred 8 urami
I really miss him doing actual make up
Daryl Espino
Daryl Espino Pred 8 urami
Hey manipulative trash
Daryl Espino
Daryl Espino Pred 8 urami
Eew you are still canceledt.
Angela Geier
Angela Geier Pred 9 urami
I came here to comment, sorry off topic of video. But your Brittany video of " leave Brittany alone" these assess doesn't even realize you moved on and became something from your own self. I have been literally arguing with ra tards ( think hangover) that Jeffrey Star is Chris. Like seriously. If they were any type of fan they would know this.
Sheree Rodriguez
Sheree Rodriguez Pred 9 urami
Very creamy!
XxW0derful.A Pred 10 urami
"Gag"?? Mhmm ok black king
Pandii Pred 10 urami
why do people still watch this jealous wanna be. Hes a liar and and a snake to his friends, boyy jeffree I will never be buying your stuff again #bye
Bea Badjar
Bea Badjar Pred 10 urami
Why hello there Jeff
Zippydodah Quirk
Zippydodah Quirk Pred 11 urami
People wouldn't care if he was a serial killer as long as his products were good.
Kennidy Reid
Kennidy Reid Pred 11 urami
I hope no one forgets that Jefree star has been accused of being a predator with proof from his MySpace days. That’s the only reason he is releasing this right now. He wants everyone to forget about the media hit pieces that came out about him recently. It’s honestly sad
jUsT yAnA
jUsT yAnA Pred 11 urami
Just asking did you say N- ? 🤔
Da Baddest
Da Baddest Pred 12 urami
Bretman Rock's Swab Test sltv.info/label/f8Rnl9HPpqaqn3w/video
Kristin Heusner
Kristin Heusner Pred 13 urami
Imagine a Halloween house tour 🥴🥴🥴🥴❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤
Avery O'Brien
Avery O'Brien Pred 13 urami
I couldn’t help but think what if the trap just closes.........
NNuclearWinter Pred 13 urami
You're still canceled. Gagggggggggg bye sister!
MelMars500 Pred 13 urami
Feels like a rip off of Lisa Eldridge's velvet lipstick. And the packaging looks like a giant cl*t. The packaging for Lisa Eldridge's version is beautiful and classic. You all should check out a product worth buying: www.lisaeldridge.com/products/velvet-ribbon-true-velvet-lipstick-colour
xioli li
xioli li Pred 13 urami
I feel like he only uploads to promote his products :( he really has changed
Isaac G
Isaac G Pred 13 urami
How is your friend Ian Watkins
Allison Elizabeth
Allison Elizabeth Pred 13 urami
Okay, so the shape of the lipstick is classic, but the plain powder pink looks exactly like Kyle's brand. It's pretty but underwhelming. I'm sure the formula will be great though.
SelenaMUA23 SelenaMUA23
this drop looks so boujee and still manages to be cheaper than Kylie's
Ames Lacroix
Ames Lacroix Pred 14 urami
I would love to see some bloopers at the end of jeffrees videos it would be so hilarious lol
Erika Garcia
Erika Garcia Pred 14 urami
Weey son hermosos
Alycks Pred 14 urami
post a vid with just the photoshoot footage , it looks amazing
Joanna Pred 15 urami
Lipstick in a time when everyone's wearing masks (or should be anyway).
Pinto_Bean_55 Pred 15 urami
Ummmmm sis... no ❤️🤡
Scooptiboopdieboop Pred 15 urami
I was waiting for that trap to close lol
SalLee Paradise
SalLee Paradise Pred 15 urami
Just bought a bunch of these lipsticks! 😍 so in love!
Yogi Girl 36
Yogi Girl 36 Pred 16 urami
Looking like a fenty product
Joanna Pred 15 urami
Braylon Sartore
Braylon Sartore Pred 17 urami
Next video you make will you say happy birthday Jackie
Madon Porse
Madon Porse Pred 17 urami
who hates him or her 👎i can't believe there is someone love or even want to see this idiot
FeelItAll Drugs
FeelItAll Drugs Pred 17 urami
If this giant is real, so why presentation was made on green screen? o____O
Adam Zaujec
Adam Zaujec Pred 17 urami
nobody moved
FeelItAll Drugs
FeelItAll Drugs Pred 17 urami
The old looks like bullet, but the new is like tampon
Donna Neville
Donna Neville Pred 17 urami
I've only just noticed that James has 6 million more subs than Jeffree. Let's just take a second to visualise what 6 million people looks like. Bullying doesn't pay, kids!!
Brit Jade
Brit Jade Pred 17 urami
Jeffree Hill
Brit Jade
Brit Jade Pred 17 urami
No jeffree Just no 😖
Venesa Hallum
Venesa Hallum Pred 18 urami
Does it vibrate?
N S Pred 18 urami
Must be all pink packaging ew give us something new jeez
Alex Xolo
Alex Xolo Pred 18 urami
It's the high quality products for me...not a target market but damn - HARD WORK QUALITY HERE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF
Mel Villarreal
Mel Villarreal Pred 18 urami
this is so extra I couldn't even watch it, I never comment on nothing tbh, but boy ur a clown
Mel Villarreal
Mel Villarreal Pred 18 urami
what are you doing, why is he sitting like that? can u be gay and sit normally? and why is he around that a rat trap around him?
David Das
David Das Pred uro
Bear trap
Emily ꨄ
Emily ꨄ Pred 19 urami
Qween Pred 19 urami
I don't like the echo in Jeffree's videos, is it intended or somebody not doing their jobs ? lol
Qween Pred 21 minuto
@David Das yea but his previous videos sound much better, echo isn't ideal for redcording
David Das
David Das Pred uro
They are in a studio
Gianna Madonna Versace
You're marketing campaign has a woman of color in a mouse trap?? Really racists how more obvious can it be
Brianna Lien
Brianna Lien Pred 21 uro
I find it hilarious how he was silent for a minute - but now he’s posting for his launch. BRUHHH YOU ARE SELFISH.
Brianna Lien
Brianna Lien Pred 21 uro
I thought you WEREN’T uploading for a launch? Lies, lies, lies. I do like your makeup tho, just not you. So sadly I won’t be supporting this launch or anything from him for awhile until he gets his head out of his blown out asshole.
Wayne Uk
Wayne Uk Pred 21 uro
Deborah Sanders
Deborah Sanders Pred 21 uro
I will be ordering most of the shades. Gorgeous!!!
TROLLZ yee Pred 22 urami
Senddd me thee pinkk one jeffreeee *_*
Shirkuh Pred 22 urami
I AM LEGEND wasn't that scary after all
Abigail Pred 22 urami
all you do is create stupid drama, then release a product. it's getting old.
Zara Shafter
Zara Shafter Pred 23 urami
larray came for you sis
Strawbearnina Pred 23 urami
Not even surprised he did this after posting about his dramatic little breakup. It’s all he ever does . Was all a stunt in the end trying to get some mf attention . Losing interest in him so heavily
Vera Rz
Vera Rz Pred 23 urami
Jesus loves you
Toxicated Pred 23 urami
It seems he made video just to sale his product 😏 I came to listen ""welcome back to my channel"" But this is annoying
Adrian Kaleja
Adrian Kaleja Pred 23 urami
Jeffstar your cancelled so stop makeing videos
Geetanjali Saha vbiotonian
The beautiful ebony girl 6:26 is was the only good in this video
mea sayson
mea sayson Pred dnevom
the second color looks so good
Daymien plays games
Who's here after the laryee video🥺
Olina Makiessi
Olina Makiessi Pred 23 urami
EyeOfTheLauren Pred dnevom
“...sitting on a velvet ottoman on my giant bear trap like an Afghan hound....nyaaaaaaae”
lorin .
lorin . Pred dnevom
Night Star
Night Star Pred dnevom
I wish I had money to buy everything but sadly I don’t! I have been a stay home mom for over 16 years and I’m happy for it but broke ! 😅
that one weeb
that one weeb Pred dnevom
When i saw the lipstick thingy close up i just wanted to bite it i know im weird
miss waffless
miss waffless Pred dnevom
Don’t mind checking out the distract we’re all waiting for you :)
kapsasy Pred dnevom
Jeffree Star said Ni- Oop 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Leona Pred dnevom
sltv.info/label/f8d6vcW4fWllnm8/video You think that you can do everything you want just because you're famous? Imagine suporting this man, seriously.
Althea Magno
Althea Magno Pred dnevom
idk but the new packaging of the lipstick is kinda like kylie skin product?
izzy ha
izzy ha Pred dnevom
How?? There are literally no similarities
p e a c h y
p e a c h y Pred dnevom
GAME CRIZLE Pred dnevom
“Posing like an afghan hound”
April Chavez
April Chavez Pred dnevom
Drill Sergeant the lipstick oh my God no you didn't.lol love him
Brooke Warner
Brooke Warner Pred dnevom
YASSSS ... this is what I like to see!!!! You keep it moving baby! Love ya! Xoxoxo Brooke
Joey Sanchez
Joey Sanchez Pred dnevom
Love your videos
Tara B
Tara B Pred dnevom
Definitely looks more luxe 🙂 but can someone tell me if I’m being crazy, the new packaging kinda looks like a mini vibrator to me...just me?
izzy ha
izzy ha Pred dnevom
Old one did too good on you for noticing after years
s d
s d Pred dnevom
Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker Pred dnevom
To all the people who make fun of gay people. You disgust me. How could you possibly judge someone on how they want to live life that’s like if people told you to hurt yourself for wanting to eat waffles everyday. I don’t care if people hate me for this I just wanted to make sure that people stop being disgusting idiots.
C. A.
C. A. Pred dnevom
God, y'all are going to call out everything. You're all such miserable people. I feel sorry for your mother's.
Ricardo Lepe salas
Ricardo Lepe salas Pred dnevom
I bet everyone watching this is just waiting for that bear trap to go off 💀💀💀💀
Orlando Lara
Orlando Lara Pred dnevom
This is super gay.
sophie leigh.
sophie leigh. Pred 18 urami
julie johnson
julie johnson Pred dnevom
You are so amazing! My daughter and I love your products! Thank you for making such wonderful makeup. 💕
Subscribe Maybe
Subscribe Maybe Pred dnevom
Hey everyone! I'm just back with your daily reminder that I'm richer than you.
Bankroll Kk
Bankroll Kk Pred dnevom
I swear I want him to react to the canceled music video by Larray
jasmine aroyan
jasmine aroyan Pred dnevom
I would love if Jeffree made either an Amazonian rainforest or Venus themed palette with greens, yellows and oranges as the color scheme. Something that gives off a poison Ivy vibe :)
Moises Caraveo
Moises Caraveo Pred dnevom
Jeffrey you just got CANCELLED by LARRAY SO LEAVE
Nathaniel Root
Nathaniel Root Pred dnevom
I thought he got canceled 🙄🤔
Zeynab Mamakhova
Zeynab Mamakhova Pred dnevom
i thought he quit yt
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